Avesil Reviewed with pros and cons

According to the manufacturer, Avesil and its successor Burn TS as a diet supplement will help you to lose weight quickly and effectively. The official website denote that avesil contains a new and powerful formula that can act effectively helping you lose more weight than with a good diet and exercize regime.

Clinically proven

The website provides the reason avesil works as being that the ingredient in avesil is supported by scientific research. Clinical studies have proven that it is three times more effective than diet and excersize alone.

How does Avesil work?

According to the manufacturer, avesil helps the body reduce fat and increase the metabolic rate of burning fat with the help of thermogenic and lipolypsis inducing agents.

Avesil contains chromium, ashwaghanda, green tea extract and caffeine.

  • Chromium: It is noted that the percentage of chromium makes up almost 83% of the composition of avesil. Apparently, chromium is found in most diet supplements. A little research results to the fact that chromium is an important element which helps regulate the blood sugar level by converting excess sugar into energy.
  • Green Tea: Studies performed on green tea shows that it has weight loss properties.
  • Caffeine also has been noted to support fat loss and enhance energy.
  • As for ashwaghanda, it has the property of increasing the levels of the thyroid hormones which play a role in the metabolic rate.

Avesil seems to have the entire components in order to be an effective weight loss supplement.

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Ashwaghanda apparently can cause side effects like rapid heart rate, irrational behavior, nervousness and other. The website almost does warn and requires the consultation of a doctor before taking the drug.

Avesil Pros

The manufacturer provides a lot of reasons why avesil is a good diet supplement. The advantages include:

  • Avasil has all the ingredient in order to be an effective diet supplement
  • The manufacturer provides on the website a 14 day trial period
  • There seems to be good customer service and the website has a very user friendly interface.

Beside these positive notes with regards to avesil, you will find some negative things too.

Avesil Cons

  • Avesil seems to be quite expensive at $89.95 per month
  • The manufacturer does provide a 14 day trial period but does charge for shipment of the product.

Avesil seems to have all the necessary elements in order to be a good diet supplement. The website is well detailed with a frequently asked question section that provides most of the answers sought by consumers. It notes that avesil could only be obtained through order on the website.

Information about Avesil’s Successor Dietspotlight Burn


There is no reason to believe that the product cannot effectively reduce weight. The price does seem to be a bit high but is average compared to other products of the same category on the market.

The fact that the website does provide an address and a customer service number suggest that the company seems to be well established and if there is any doubt as to the credibility of the site and product, having a customer service agent on the phone is somewhat reassuring.

There are plenty of weight loss pills on the market and many of them really do aid weight loss. You should always judge them on performance capability and side effects.

Considering these things in mind, Avesil could be recommended for weight loss with the consultation of a doctor. But you may find better solutions at lower prices on the market.


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