FTC is Unable to Tackle Fake Garcinia Crisis

Garcinia diet ultima is a scam. Neither FDA or FTC is taken any action

It was a wake up call for me when my husband brought Garcinia Ultima for me and said he wants me to look the way I used to look before our marriage. I took the pills religiously without fail and within three months of its regular use, I lost nothing…frustration and  disappointment. I sent a complaint mail to both FDA and FTC and was told they don’t deal with herbal supplements… wtf?

Finally I found another supplement called GarciniaExtra which indeed worked great for me.


What is it?

Garcinia Extrais a natural dietary supplement specially designed for easy weight loss. Easy to swallow pills get into your body and effectively fight with extra fat in your body and make you lean and slim without diet or exercise.


Garcinia Cambogia and HCA are used to make this potent fat burner. However, it seems that the world has already swalloed all the available Garcinia already!

How Does It Work?

Full of essentials for your body, this weight loss dietary supplement boosts metabolism to burn fat naturally in your body. This balances hormones in the body and helps reduce your appetite that helps reduces fat production and slim down your body. But the very unique feature of this fat burner is that it keeps you energetic and active throughout the weight loss process which makes weight loss a fun.

When to Expect Results?

Within weeks!

Alternative Solution

What is The Venus Factor Weight Loss?

Apart form taking pills it’s important to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Also, keep up regular physical activity for natural care of your body.


  •     Natural weight loss
  •     Guaranteed satisfaction
  •     No side effects


  •     Not approved by FDA
  •     Not easy to find at retail stores


Doctors Recommendation

This fat burner is produced in a certified lab and the ingredients are pure natural that is the main reason why the scientists everywhere rely on Garcinia Ultima for natural fat loss.

Losing or Maintaining Weight Whilst Facing Diabetes

Other People Opinion

I was left amazed when logged on to its official website as many of the satisfied users were talking about its benefits. Check it now!

My Final Opinion

My weight loss program was like a dream where I lost weight without feeling any weakness or changing my daily routine. More importantly, I feel more confident in my fit body as I can wear any dress and my husband loves it.

Things I Do Not Like

Not for pregnant women or under 18 people

Is There Any Risk?

It’s a natural product so there is no risk on your health. I used it and never had any side effects on my health condition. Besides, consult a doctor before using any product.


Where to Buy?

Garcinia Ultima can be purchased from the website.

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