Premature Ejaculation of Modern World

Premature ejaculation is the condition where the male ejaculates his semen before his sexual partner has reached her climax. Naturally, this is quite a general term and also very subjective, because different women have different speeds of reaching their orgasm. Thus a man may ejaculate in proper time for one woman, but not for some other woman who takes more stimulation to reach her orgasm. In this manner of speaking, PE varies from couple to couple.

In order to circumvent this obvious confusion of the definition of PE, a survey of the 1950s defined it as that condition when the man ejaculates within two minutes of penetration. However, today this definition is also redundant as over 50% of the males of the world do ejaculate within this timeframe, and they satisfy their partner well. So, it remains to be properly defined yet.

Types of PE

It has been broadly classified into two types. These are:-

(i) Primary PE – If a man has been suffering from PE ever since he has been sexually active, then he is suffering from primary PE.

(ii) Secondary PE – If a man has begun to suffer from PE later in his sexually active life, then he is suffering from secondary PE.

The cause of it is more deep-rooted than that of secondary premature ejaculation. It occurs because of some inherent disorder, which needs proper medical correction. However, secondary PE occurs because of some factor that has developed later in life. This can be more easily treated by just remedying the factor that has caused it. (source)

Causes of PE

There are many causes of PE. Since treatment methods depend on the causes, it is more important to know about the causes of the condition.

(i) Wrong early masturbation techniques – When boys learn it in their early puberty, they generally do it with a sense of shame and guilt. There is always the fear of someone catching them in the act. Due to this, many boys develop a technique of ejaculating quickly. The whole act may not last even for a couple of minutes. If this situation remains until adulthood, then it would develop into PE.

(ii) Impotence – There are several men who are impotent, but who can still achieve erections sometimes. When such men have penetrative sex, there is a much greater chance of them ejaculating too soon. This may be because due to their impotence, they do not get enough practice with the method of controlling their sexual passions.

(iii) Addictions – Several men get a high with tobacco and alcohol. It has been seen that men reach their climax soon when they are inebriated or smoking. This is because both alcohol and tobacco interfere with the nervous coordination of the man, leading him to be unreliable in his ejaculation.

(iv) Prostate infection and injuries – Men who suffer from prostate infections ejaculate faster. Also, if there has been an injury in the abdomen or groin area, the man will lose some of his nervous coordination in that region. This could lead to premature ejaculation.

(v) Stress – Stress and depression are seriously affecting the sexual performances of males all over the world. Men who have high stress levels tend to consider lovemaking as a mechanical activity. For such men, it becomes difficult to monitor the process and thus they ejaculate quickly.

(vi) Drugs – Some drugs can also bring on PE by tampering with the nervous coordination of the man. An example of such a drug is pseudoephedrine, the drug which is taken for the treatment of common cold.


Treatment Methods of PE

The diagnosis of PE is done by interviewing the man (preferably with his sexual partner) on various issues related to the sexual act. There are also questions asked about the sexual upbringing and background of the person. If the doctor feels the problem is pathological, then there may be blood and hormone tests conducted.

While Male enhancement products like Male extra has shown lots of promise there few good alternatives. Once PE is properly diagnosed, the treatment begins. Treatment can be done at various levels:-

(i) A general morale-boosting of the patient is done, when it is told that PE can be easily treated by controlling the mind. The person is required to be free of worries when having sex. This would lead to a longer encounter.

(ii) Masturbation is prescribed occasionally. If the person do it an hour or two before the sexual act, then the drive is much reduced. This will allow the man to steam up completely during the sexual act and prolong his encounter.

(iii) Men are also advised to take a break from penetrative sex for a few days, but to vent their sexual instinct by other means. When the man will finally have penetrative sex, he will enjoy the act more and so make a conscious effort to prolong it. Man can please his woman by way of breast massage and oral sex since most women don’t require penetrative orgasm every time.

(iv) There are delay creams available which make the male organ slightly numb. These delay creams are also called as desensitizing creams, and their use is controversial.

(v) There is a very efficient massage method which both partners can use to delay ejaculation. When the man feels he is about to ejaculate, the woman squeezes the tip of the male organ. This will hold back the semen and also make it slightly limp. The urge to ejaculate passes away, and when the man regains his erection he penetrates again. Once more the woman squeezes it when he is about to ejaculate.

This is repeated a number of times, till the woman herself feels she is about to get her orgasm. This is the time the man finally lets go. This had been found very effective, and also the amount of semen discharged at the end is quite copious in amount. More often than not, it has been found that PE is a psychosocial disorder. It can be easily treated by the use of proper techniques and mental condition.

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